About this Site . . .

“With 25 years IT experience, I’ve learned a few things”


With over 25 years in IT across a range of industries and disciplines, I have experienced a lot, achieved much and, more importantly, I have learned quite a bit! I originally created this site because I needed an online presence and CV. But while compiling the usual information on past projects and technologies, I began to reflect on a career filled with late night coding marathons to meet unrealistic deadlines, cancelled red eye flights, 11th hour project pivots, scrambling to meet missed requirements, and wondered; why would someone stay in this business for so long? But even though I know there were plenty of those kinds of negative experiences, I had to think really hard to recall specific examples of them. The negatives are always out-shined in my mind and memory by the positive experiences. Successful implementations of game-changing technologies that enable companies to succeed, cheers from your coworkers and clients when you bring a crucial system back on line, seeing the pride developers feel when they see their applications used out in the wild for the first time – on a warehouse terminal, a cash register, or a customer’s cell phone. That’s my take-away.

That got me thinking about lessons learned, past mentors, students, and partners. I realized that you don’t stay in and succeed as a consultant, software developer and integrator for 25 years without one thing: passion. You need to have a passion (some might call it an obsession) to understand current technologies, learn new technologies, develop the next generation of technologies, and to use them to solve complex problems. If you don’t have the drive and compulsion to learn and a passion to solve problems, then you can’t be a successful developer and you certainly will not be a happy one.

So I decided this site had to be more than just an online presence and CV. I want to demonstrate and communicate these passions that I have and hopefully impart some of that passion onto others. Maybe you are just starting out or interested in software development, systems integration, and solution architecture, or maybe you are already a developer and thinking about becoming an independent consultant. My aim is to have something here you can benefit from.

To that end, my goal is that this site will have tutorials, coding examples, best practices, how-to’s, professional wisdom, and the occasional technical soap box. So look around! Feel free to leave comments or ask me technical questions. You can subscribe to my feed, link back to or bookmark any of the articles, or even contact me with consulting inquires (that was the original purpose of the site, after all). I may have 25 years experience, but I am certainly ready and willing for 25 more! Are you in?