Resume and CV of Rich Rijnders

SOA and Cloud Integration Architect
Portrait of Rich Rijnders

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Full Stack Developer

Full spectrum background and experience. From Systems Operations to Software Development to Team and Project Management. From Mainframe, Midrange, and Server technologies to Personal and Mobile devices. From large MRP/ERP installations to light and nimble Web based implementations. Design and execution benefit from wider experience, understanding, and vision.

Passion, Energy, and Drive

A passion for design and development brings an energy to projects that carries through to the rest of the team. A proven and relentless problem solver that quickly makes him the “go to” resource to resolve technical issues. A Shared enthusiasm that makes him an excellent mentor to less experienced teammates.

Road Warrior

Averaging 80 travel days per year. Ready to go where needed to make every project a success. Has worked in cities across the U.S. and Mexico. Atlanta GA; Palm Beach, Miami FL; Dallas, Ft Worth, and San Antonio TX; Burbank, Irvine, San Francisco, CA, San Louis Potosi MX; to name just some.

Dedicated with a Proven History of Success

Averaging 3 to 5 years and multiple projects with each major client. Most corporate clients have elected to continue renewing contracts for extended periods and across multiple projects. This is an excellent indicator of my dedication to my clients as well as their satisfaction with my work.


How I got to here from there. A brief professional history.


Some of the great companies that have benefitted from my experience.


Technologies and Skills that enable me to do what I do


Highlights from just some of the projects I have been involved